Under industrial services, we have created:

  • Industrial Warehouses and flooring.
  • Flooring for container terminals.


  • Provides cost savings of up to 30 % than comparable construction.
  • Give higher load bearing capacity as the enriched surface has higher PSI than asphalt.
  • Extends the life-time of pavement construction as almost no cracks appear.
  • Makes it impermeable to water and is not damaged by flooding, ice, heavy snow and salt.
  • Reduces excavation and transport of concrete and aggregate to on-site thus saving money.
  • Reduces amount of asphalt required and overall thickness of construction again saving money.
  • Gives high compression strength and dynamic stiffness thereby decreasing deformations.
  • Easy and faster to install as the cold recycling of soil type is almost immediate.
  • Works for all soil types and all materials (waste, polluted) in any location and climate.
  • Is Environment friendly and reduces CO 2 emissions up to 150%.
  • Reduces fuel consumption.
  • Uses on-site materials.
  • Maintenance costs reduced by 80%.