1. Grande Prairie Development in Alberta (Canada)

"Shell Canada" was challenged with a location on Chinook Ridge Southwest of Grande Prairie, Alberta (Canada) where road bans were in effect and aggregate was in short supply, rainfall caused the local clays to loose load bearing capacity and or where matting costs were prohibited.The product RoadCem makes it possible to custom design mixes combined with fly ash, cement and in-situ soils of virtually any type eliminating the environmental impacts.

2. Platform Development in Edmonton , Alberta

This platform has been constructed as storage area for rough materials, located in Edmonton, Alberta. The local soil consisted of clayey sand and loam. Due to the fact RoadCem has been used, there was no need to excavate the site. The RoadCem layer has been constructed by making use of the in-situ available soil, mixed with RoadCem and binder.

3. Oil Sands in Alberta

The oil sands deposits of Northeast Alberta in Canada contain a huge amount of recoverable oil. These deposits are contained under 142,200 km2 of Alberta's Northern forests that are over 381,000 km2 in total area. These remote areas are difficult to access and in need to be developed with roads and platforms.

Due to its ability to stabilize all soil types, the RoadCem system was chosen to construct several road and the platform for the oil rig. RoadCem turned the weak in-situ soil into a building material, capable to support the oil rig and trucks.

4. Secondary Roads in Russia

RoadCem was used for the rehabilitation of the access road to the Moscow country club golf court. For this specific project RoadCem was used to rehabilitate the existing construction with the in-situ material.

5. Industrial Warehouse in Russia

In Saint Petersburg a warehouse was built, situated on a landfill area next to the city. RoadCem stabilization has earned a solid reputation, and the client was keen to use the technology. The warehouse floor was made with a RoadCem stabilisation finished with a concrete top-layer to bear the intensive warehouse activities.

6. Highway in Egypt

To increase the capacity of the highway between Alexandria and Cairo, a security road was built. The highway is very important because it connects the two biggest cities of Egypt. Therefor the traffic flow has priority and construction works should not cause any hindrance. The new security road has to guarantee the traffic flow in case of traffic jams on the highway. RoadCem was the solution as an efficient construction method resulting in a high quality road,easily connected to the existing sections.

7. Highway in Mexico

The highway Poniente de Acapulco consists is 42 Km, of which 8 Kim built with a base of RoadCem. The work consisted of the construction of the Poniente de Acapulco Bypass, section La Venta - Bajos del Ejido, Km 10+000 to Km 18+000, with a width of 21 m.This large-scale work is commissioned by the Office of Communications and Transport (SCT). Some sections are executed with the mixture made in a mobil mixing plant, others are built with a recycler making the mixture in-situ.